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Make a leather flag

Show off your knot-tying skills with this flag for your patrol, den, pack or troop.

Pedro’s favorite food

Woody: What’s Pedro’s favorite food? Pee Wee: What? Woody: Beets. Pee Wee: Why? Woody: Beets

How to buy hiking boots

Hiking boots are the most important piece of gear you take on the trail. So before you buy your next pair, here are some things to consider.

Knoxville troop celebrates 100th anniversary

1920 World JamboreeFounded on January 29, 1915, Troop 6 of Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Great Smoky Mountain Council, is the longest continuously-chartered troop in that council, and one of the oldest troops in the United States.

Carabiner’s maximum weight

I have a carabiner that says it can hold 21 kN. I know that's the amount of shock the clip can take, but what's the maximum constant weight that could be applied to it?

How to build your own first-aid kit

What should you include in your first-aid kit? Be prepared with advice and checklists to help you get the best first-aid kit for your next adventure.

How to make wooden stilts

Stand taller with stilts. After an afternoon’s work, you’ll be able to walk around at least 12 inches taller than you are now. That’s a pretty fast growth spurt!

Write a funny caption

What’s going on in this picture? What is that woman doing and what is the dog thinking? Write your funniest caption for this photo and we’ll post it for everyone to read.

10 tasty S’mores variations

There's no reason to mess with this classic camping dessert. But if you're feeling adventurous, here are 10 tasty S'more recipes.

What the ice cube said

Elliot: What did one ice cube say to the other? Thomas: I don’t have a clue. Elliot: “I’m cooler than

Hotel’s dreams

Peter: What kind of dreams do hotels have? Elaine: Tell me. Peter: Suite

How to avoid heat exhaustion

hot-brain.jpgYour body is more than half water. If you don't hydrate, you can cook your brain -- and die. Know the symptoms and how to treat them.

Build a worm bed

Do you wish you could dig money out of the ground? In a way you can. Raising worms in a small worm farm can be a lucrative business.

A human and a road

Ben: What’s the difference between a human and a road? Bill: I don’t know. Ben: The road doesn’t have a head on its
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