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Game Design merit badge

For thousands of years, in every culture, across every part of the globe, people have played games. Games challenge us to overcome long odds, tell compelling stories, and

Robotics merit badge

Earning the Robotics merit badge requires a Scout to understand how robots move, sense the environment, and understand what to do. FIND A ROBOTICS KIT Robot kits available

Programming merit badge

Earning the Programming merit badge will take you “behind the screen” for a look at the complex codes that make digital devices useful and fun. Without programs,

Merit Badge requirements

You can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges. Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of all of the current

Scouting history tour of Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is filled with Scouting history. The first National Scout Jamboree was held near the Washington Monument in 1937, and every president since Howard Taft has

Make a whistle

whistle-200x148Make a whistle that you can use to signal, play a tune or just show off your carving skills.

20 funny Mother’s Day jokes

Make your mom laugh out loud with these funny Mother's Day jokes. Hint: They'd be great inside that homemade card that you're not going to forget to make for her!

Use nature to make great gifts

walnut-photo_main.jpgMother’s Day is coming up. Show your mom just how great she is by making her a gift inspired by Mother Nature herself! Topped off with a homemade card, it will be a present Mom will never forget.

MLB The Show 15

There’s no more rewarding way to get to know all the baseball players and all the legendary American stadiums than with MLB 15 The Show.

Write a Funny Caption

What’s going on in this picture? Write your funniest caption for this photo and we’ll post it for everyone to read.

Pedro’s Flight Academy

Train with Pedro as he pilots his airplane through trees, forest fires, rescue missions and even UFOs in our newest game.

Cure flappy tents

We went camping on the beach last weekend. The wind blew all night long and made our tents flap like crazy. Any advice?

How to clean a sticky knife

knife-200x148Q. Whenever I go camping I always cut oranges with my knife. But then my knife sticks and is hard to get open. What is the best way to de-stick my knife?

No. 2 pencils

Warped Wiseman Wonders: “If No. 2 pencils are the most popular, why are they still No.
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