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21 funny summer vacation jokes

Celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer with these 21 funny summer vacation jokes sent to us by Boys' Life readers.

In the June 2015 issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the June 2015 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are exclusive to the printed magazine and are not

Pedro the Mailburro Takes Up Tennis

Pedro wants to be a tennis star, and has begun his training. How well do you think that went? Special thanks to the Arlington Tennis Center for use of the

How to buy a backpack

What size do I need? How much should I pay? Internal or external? The Gear Guy has answers to help you pick the perfect pack.

Animation merit badge

In this new merit badge, you'll learn to create animations, how animation is used and fun career opportunities in animation.

First Aid merit badge

First aid – caring for injured or ill persons until they can receive professional medical care – is an important skill for every Scout. With some knowledge of

Cooking merit badge

The Cooking merit badge introduces principles of cooking that can be used both at home or in the outdoors. Scouts who earn this badge will learn about food safety,


In Animation merit badge you’ll learn how to create animations, the ways in which animation is used and the fun and exciting career opportunities in animation.

Anything is possible

Warped Wiseman wonders: “If anything is possible, is it possible for something to be

Write a Funny Caption

What’s going on in this picture? We'll print the funniest captions in the August issue of Boys' Life magazine.

3 Mexican-inspired Dutch oven recipes

Enjoy a taste of Mexico on your next campout with these three tasty Dutch Oven recipes. EASY ENCHILADAS A winning recipe in the Scouting and Boys’ Life magazines’ Campout

Animation merit badge

Animation merit badge is an introduction to the art of animation. In this merit badge you’ll learn how to create animations; the ways in which animation is used and

Make a ring toss game

This ring toss game is perfect for a picnic, Scout meeting or just while hanging out with friends and family.
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