Winners of the jamboree patrol flag contest

Comments about “Winners of the jamboree patrol flag contest”

  1. Ginger says:

    Cookie Monster all the way!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome man says:


  3. 5thAngel says:

    These can be good inspiration.

    As I am a patrol leader and our flag is not yet made lol.

  4. Zachattack says:


  5. ze dude says:


  6. rat says:

    wow those are great..

  7. nickolaenden says:

    why dose it not show the flags

  8. BSA Dad says:

    Way to Go Guys!!!!, Top 10 of all the Patrol Flags at Jambo!!!!

    Go GREEN!!! Troop 211

  9. mom of a Duke says:

    Way to go Boys! You did good!

  10. RED, WHITE and BLUE says:

    What great scouts and flags. Loved them all!

  11. JAMBO FUN says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! The flags are incredible and show the scouting spirit of awesome patrols! Way to go!

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