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  1. First Class Scout, Assistant Patrol Leader, Appalachian Mountains' Free Roaming Pronghorn Antelope, Troop 478 // June 25, 2015 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    This is a really great merit badge. Can all of the bugle calls be played on a slide trombone, a valve trombone, a bugle, a trumpet, and a coronet? Both the trumpet and the coronet musical instruments have “spit drainage receptacles” that are used to drain the spit, mucous and phlegm that accumulates in the musical instrument while playing the musical instruments at concerts and holiday community parades. Does the bugle contain a “spit drainage receptacle that permits the spit, mucous and phlegm to drain out of the bugle? How does a person “clean a bugle—-both inside and outside”? Will the detachable mouthpiece that fits on a trumpet also fit on a bugle, coronet, valve trombone and slide trombone? This is a really great merit badge.

  2. First Class Scout, Wandering Sea Gull Patrol, Troop 870 // January 7, 2014 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    This is a really great merit badge. I learned to play many of the bugle calls using a full concert grade Hohner Harmonica that will travel quite easily on our troop’s campouts. I can also play all of the bugle calls that are required for earning this merit badge on both a concert pitch trumpet, a concert pitch coronet, a concert pitch slide trombone, a concert pitch valve trombone as well as an actual World War One (I) brass United States Army bugle that I found and purchased in a Goodwill Thrift Store or a Salvation Army Thrift Store that someone had just donated away to the thrift stores. Although the only people who can recognize the bugle calls that I play that are required by this merit badge are members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts, members of the American Legion Posts, active United States Navy personnel, active United States Army personnel, our scoutmaster and our committee chairperson and one of the substitute teachers at our public school, none of the members of my patrol or troop or classmates of mine at the public school can recognize the difference between Reville, Assembly, Retire the Colors, Mess (Breakfast time, Lunchtime or Dinner Time). Quite a few of them can recognize “Taps” when it is played on a bugle, however many of our troop members are “night raccoons, bats and vultures” and all activity continues well into the overnight after “Taps” has been played.(I think that some of my troop members can participate in a marathon of staying awake for 120 hours withou any sleep This is a really great merit badge.

  3. Bulging is fun and you should try this merit badge even if you play any brass intrament.

  4. I play trumpet. Need to find those songs

  5. Im not good at playing musical instruments

  6. the backpacker // January 4, 2012 at 5:04 pm // Reply

    I will be the first boy scout in my troop to get the merit badge.

  7. I play the trombone and trumpet in my school band so bugling might not be that hard for me. :)

    • i play the trombone to but i tried the bugle it was hard because you have to put sooo much air in it and then your lips hurt. but it was fun

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