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Coin Collecting

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  1. Ardetect says:

    I have a gold quarter from the Denver us mint, in its own case. It’s just fold leafed but it still looks cool, I also have a rare nickel with Luis ( or George Washington ) on it.

  2. Agent K says:

    I have a penny from 1944

  3. me says:

    I have a large cent from 1843

  4. manscout says:

    cool badge! collecting coins is amazing! i have pennies from my birth date to 2009! i have a 1951 penny, and some coins from england, korea, germenay, poland,and i have a silver dollor, (i think its from 1980s so its not to old) and i have a 2003 2 dollar bill

  5. the#1kinksfan says:

    I always save my coins!

  6. the#1kinksfan says:

    I also have anickel from 1889 it’s super sweet!

  7. lala says:

    coin collecting could make you realy rich.But only if you save them.

  8. exploding bbq man says:

    when i was 4, my grandma gave me her entire coin collection and i have beejn expanding it ever since. i even have a penny from 1825 in good shape. so sweet!

    p.s. i finished the coin collecting merit badge in 6 HOURS! BEAT THAT!

  9. flag_football says:

    Hey Tigre12,

    I have a coin from 1797! It sweet too!!!

    P.S. I finished this merit badge in 3 weeks!! hahaha!!!

  10. Tigre12 says:

    I have a penny from 1904. Its sweet!

  11. turcky says:

    Coincollecting is fun and uniquie. There are some very unique coins out there in different places.

  12. wacheel2 says:

    I almost have every single U.S. mint coin! But it’s mostly P’s not D’s.

  13. Christopher23 says:

    I recommend doing this merit badge because it is a very fun and interesting merit badge to do.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Never buy a coin for the coin collecting just because it looks coo


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