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  1. For requirement 3 i just wrote a speech on theadoore roosevelt and then printed 2 pictures of him younger and older for requirement 6.


  3. this is one of the harder eagle merit badges

  4. I just started this merit badge what should i do first

  5. communication merit badge is very HARD!!!!!!!

  6. I prepared for this merit badge in one week. At the meeting, I finished it. It is a pretty easy merit badge.

  7. This merit badge is not hard, just time consuming. I recommend it for scouts who are star or older.

  8. This merit badge is a merit badge for middle age scouts. If you are a starter scout I do not recomend this for you yet. After you have a couple years of scouting under your belt I would try it.

  9. I am a new counselor for this merit badge.

    I agree that one of the most important communications that a person will endeavor is to summarize themselves in a resume to get a better job.

    If it isn’t added back to this particular badge, it definitely deserves a place in Personal Management.

  10. I have been a merit Badge Councelor for Communications for a number of year. I believe that the requirement to write a resume should not have been deleted when the MB book was revised in 2004. This is a fundamental way we still use to get employment and I have always encouraged boys to submit a resume even though they must fill out someones standard form with much of that information on it. The use of a resume, typewritten on bond paper has gotten many a boy a ‘leg up’ in their quest for a job.

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