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  1. fish says:

    I love computers,robots,and everything related to that subject

  2. Ramon says:

    I’m working on this merit badge. It makes you look at more than just using computer for entertainment and video games. I design video games, and for the for the careers that I had to pick, it actually didn’t have to do with video games.

    Bottom line, if you seriously want to dig in and learn a load of good information about computers, take this merit badge.

    Sincerely your bro in scouting,
    Ramon :)

  3. christian says:

    in keyboarding class my teacher couldnt fix one computer so i tried and i fixed it so maybe ill take a chance with this meritbadge

  4. bookell9 says:

    Computers,Computer games,DVD players on the computer.I don’t care.I LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. Alan says:

    I releay like computers and fixing them, and also downloading softwares

    for them to.

  6. Big Q says:

    I love computers

  7. hitower says:

    when are we going to have a Web Design Merit Badge?

  8. Qwerty says:

    Computers! Amazing technology!

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