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  1. fikle bottom says:

    it is fun and simple

  2. cooking mb counselor says:

    These are the NEW 2014 merit badge requirements…..Cooking is a required for Eagle MB again as of January 1, 2014

  3. Agent K says:

    My scoutmaster said that it used to be required for eagle scout.

  4. rikujOo says:

    Pretty easy tho, may look hard

  5. manscout says:

    long meritbadge! it was easy you just had to write alot and make menus and stuff

  6. BCG says:

    I did this badge i finished half of it at summer camp dang it is hard.

    • starman13 says:

      my summer camp says that i only need to complete 5 through 7 for pre-requisites, though i have yet to do them…perhaps i should get to those…

  7. person says:

    Fact: this is the longest marit badge

  8. Kman says:

    It’s actually pretty easy. You just have to take your time. I only have to do 5, 6, and 7 and I’m done!

  9. gf6kttrrdkk says:

    This may be my favorite one.Cooking I will do anytime,anyplace.

    I am in Webelos right now.But in time,I want to earn this one.

  10. La-z-Boy. says:

    Daaaaaanng, that’s a lot of work. Next time, I’ll look at the merit badge requirements BEFORE selecting them for summer camp.

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