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Dog Care

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  1. Dog Gone says:

    Can a boy satisfy requirement 4 by taking care of a neighbor’s or friends dog?

  2. 1005 says:

    its prety easy

  3. Boyscouts Rock says:

    I am in the middle of this merit badge. Do you have to train an untrained dog or can you train a already trained dog. I heard you can do this merit badge at like a pet store,the pound or the humanian socity.

  4. scoutster654321 says:

    I think that this merit badge will be easy!

  5. swampy124 says:

    I suggest doing the pets merit badge after this

  6. scoutman12345 says:

    definitely doing this one

  7. T 110 Scout says:

    Most of this will be easy once I get Tenderfoot. But historical origin should not be one, since, one group could say cavemen and evolution from the wolf(Which is not savage no matter what any of you say.), and one group could say God created them and Adam and Eve domesticated.(This would be my group.)

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