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Environmental Science

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  1. Kung fu panda says:

    I finished this mb at camp hiawatha where i started it my first year , three years ago, im still a tenderfoot for certain reasons im not going to say.

  2. team player says:

    i’m nervous about doing this one at camp as a first year scout!

  3. hillbilly scout says:

    fun merit badge!

  4. manscout says:

    good one to do at camp….

  5. Backyard Habitat Observer 192 says:

    For #3 e, the local state Department of Natural Resources can supply a list of the endangered animals to their respective states. The United States Department of the Interior and National Park System are both great resources of information on endangered wildlife such as the Praying Mantis insect, the Bald Eagle (now removed from the endangered species list, but whose habitat is maintained as a protected bird of prey in 2009), and the Striped Bass (saltwater game fish which was over fished by commercial fishing industry and recreation fishing).

  6. Historylover456 says:

    Very fun merit badge. Did it at summer camp. The hardest part is doing the obsevations at the two locations. I would recommend this merit badge for young scouts.

  7. german says:

    while i was getting my star scout board of review my scoutmaster suggested i did this one at camp

  8. bman says:

    no the pre-reqs are hard

  9. RangerSpark55 says:

    This badge is easy if you do it at summer camp.

  10. Fishermen864 says:

    this info was really useful for me. thanks BL

  11. xtreme skier says:

    yea, i did this merit badge my first year of scouts. This one is low hanging fruit.

  12. ilikecheese says:

    supposedly a hard merit badge, but it is relatively easy

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