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  1. CJ says:

    I need a counselor for this merit badge,,,,,any suggestions??????

  2. frontiersmen says:

    fun and simple!Did it in a few hours.

  3. scoutman says:

    it was easy, it was my first merit badge i really felt like i learned alot from it

  4. Jason says:

    This Merit badge took me 10 minutes to earn how very Easy

  5. manscout says:

    great, fun easy merit badge

  6. manscout says:

    working on it sortof easy

  7. Ramon says:

    Seriously easy merit badge. I got it at summer camp in like 15 minutes. You could probably do it at ‘a meeting’ if you get someone who does fingerprinting to come out.

    Sincerely your bro in scouting,

  8. A.G. 23 says:

    Fingerprinting is an easy merit badge, I did it at a scout show and it took only 30 minutes!

  9. Indiana Jones says:

    fast and easy

  10. chinchilla313 says:

    Very fun merit badge to do, I did it in one night only with the help of a state cop/detective

  11. Don says:

    This merit badge is super easy and is for any scout.

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