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First Aid

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  1. yoyo says:

    I have one more requirement

  2. mrTroll says:

    Easiest you can earn ;]

  3. yo says:

    I didn’t pass the test at camp hiawatha it was quite hard for me, never do this merit badge there!

  4. that guy says:

    My favorite merit

  5. manscout says:

    pretty easy. one of my faves

  6. Jakezman says:

    Im starting scouts this year, and im wondering if i should do this one first. please respond

  7. Sweete hart says:

    this is a bad mearit badge to teach

  8. sweete hart says:

    this was a hard to teache a bunch of first years

  9. SAMISBAD says:

    It’s a very easy Merit Badge

  10. hot fire says:

    it is a really fun and easy merit badge

  11. spidyman9 says:

    its so not easy btw german u make me rofl, shadow, gdihufon

  12. german says:

    the first badge i ever earned when i wasnt even tenderfoot and now im star

  13. RangerSpark55 says:

    Yeah its not to hard did it at summer camp this year with all the first year scouts that were required to take it. i needed it and even though im in my second year i still did it.

  14. jman291 says:

    i did it and it was easey

  15. shadow the hedgehog says:

    This is a great merit badge to work on it may take a while to work on but hey its another towards eagle

  16. Indiana Jones says:

    every 1st year scout should do this merit badge

  17. ilikepie says:

    it is easy. i did it with three other scouts in 3 hours.

  18. Jobo says:

    Thats a lot of requirments but…I need the badge.

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