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  1. K man says:

    This was my first merit badge.

  2. walleyeman says:

    good merit badge, caught an eight pound walleye for it

  3. manscout says:

    its a fun badge i habent got it yet but i have caught my 2 fish i just don’t know the knots

  4. bass says:

    i am in bass

  5. brandon says:

    I like fishing becuses it is cool

  6. bass says:

    I like fishing because it is a good sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. rudy says:

    Fishing is good becuse I am in bass!

  8. robertdude655 says:

    sweet i love fishing one i caght two pound large mouth bas

  9. Momma's Boy says:

    I want my mommy!

  10. la la says:

    This badge is a lot of fun and really easy. I caught a 36 in. Northern Pike at my cabin.

  11. me good boy says:

    IT is a cool sport!

  12. Indiana Jones says:

    really fun merit badge i love fishing

  13. fisher man says:

    Looks easy enough

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