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  1. Monkeymann // May 22, 2011 at 2:54 pm // Reply

    I would like to start a discussion: I am looking for a fly rod and have set my eyes on a orvis model, either the clearwater or the acess . if anyone has one of these would you please reply about the perfomance and quality.
    PS; any comments regarding other rods are perfectly welcome as i’m not set on any particular compay or model.

  2. First Class Scout, Balsam Fir Tree Patrol, Troop 350 // June 29, 2010 at 6:07 am // Reply

    This is a great merit badge. I have a resident fishing license in my home state and I have the non-resident fishing licenses in two states where I can go fishing when school is out for the summer and I travel on summer vacation. Why are there different size regulations and creel regulations on the number of fish that may be harvested in states who share the same body of water such as the fishing regulations in the large bay that is so large that it is contained in the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia where there is flounder season during the summer? Being able to catch and release fish from the fishing line is a great skill. The catch and release fishing technique is very important to not harvest either the wrong size of game fish or if a closed season fish decides to eat the bait from my fish hook when I intended for a fish that is permitted to be harvested is supposed to come to my line?

  3. I was going to do this badge but could not catch a fish.

  4. I loved doing this merit badge. It was so simple to catch fish using a fly rod. Very interesting badge.

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