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  1. immature scout says:

    a very cool merit badge had a great teacher at camp

  2. RangerHalt23 says:

    this merit badge is very fun. I got my friends dad who is a geologist to get certified and help me. RangerSpark55 you post on a lot of merit badges don’t you?

  3. RangerSpark55 says:

    yeah and u have to get lots of merit badges.

  4. J says:

    The Hornaday Award is the highest award in Scouting for conversation. It has three levels, the Badge, the Bronze Medal, and the Silver Medal. The award’s requirements should be in your scout book, if not, check the scouting websites and/or your scoutmaster. You probably don’t know about this award because it takes hard work and a decent amount of service projects

  5. Gaara says:

    What’s the Hornaday Award? How do you get it?

  6. J says:

    I love collecting rocks and this was one of the merit badges I breezed through

    It gets you more in depth with earth history and science. Very good merit badge. Plus It counts toward your Hornaday Award

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