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Personal Fitness

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  1. sss says:

    this is so hard.

  2. Kris101 says:

    Got this! It was very easy to do.

  3. alright says:

    if you want to do this merit badge remember the q’s they ask at the physical!

  4. Kris101 says:

    I am doing this badge and its easy as pie.

  5. dudeea says:

    its so easy just way long
    lol :P

  6. imastar says:

    You don’t have to be fit, just work out daily, and this badge is a breeze.

  7. NAvy dude says:

    I’m Working on it and I’m doing well.Besides You have 12 weeks to do it.:)

  8. The One says:

    It is quite the commitment. You really need someone to help you keep on track and push you to your limit.

  9. SAMISBAD says:

    It’s one of the harder Merit Badges but you’re happy when you get it done

  10. german says:

    its actualy easy even though it looks hard

  11. jjnsa says:

    This merit badge is hard, but if you want to make eagle, do it while your young and still have lots of energy and free time, don’t do what i did and wait until your in high school and have almost no free time in which to go to the gym.

  12. Don says:

    I think tis merit badge would be easy for any scout who is physically fit.

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