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Personal Management

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  1. Stryker says:

    Good merit badge to learn. This badge is basically the American business merit badge except longer and eagle required.

  2. t-ray jay says:

    i like the merit badge!

  3. Eagle Beaver 327 says:

    This is a somewhat difficult merit badge. But, its lessons are simple to remember: Live within your own means. If your personal passbook savings account doesn’t have money in it, then you can’t purchase any future camping tents and camping stoves without a fundraising event such as recycling used newspapers and recycling aluminum cans that you have found thrown at the side of a road.

  4. anakin skywalker said: says:

    this merit bage is the hadest of the required but it does teach you alot the things that are hard is the stoks and the project. if your smart and not a person who stalls you can finish in about a week.

  5. Darth Vader says:

    this merit badge may have a lot of requirements but it isn’t as long as it looks. the only real long parts are when you have to keep track of your spending and money. All the other stuff you can do in a couple days if you tried.

  6. star says:

    this looks like the most long, boringest merit badge I will ever have to learn and will probably be the last one on my list to earn on my eagle scout requirements.

  7. Don says:

    Personal Mamagement is a great merit badge. This was my first merit badge I ever earned. When I entered scouting after being a webelos scout. I learned a lot from this merit badge and I think this is a great merit badge to be your first eagle scout badge earned. If you are looking for a merit badge tha teaches you finacial skills this is one for you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    it’s required, but takes FOREVER to complete

  9. Eagletrail says:

    This looks like a good badge to work on.

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