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  1. legoreeder says:

    Heres a list of the books i read:eregon,bible,moon voyage,gullivers travels,eldest,brisingr, and im waiting for inheritance!ive read 234 books.

  2. Flash 18 guy says:

    I LOVE reading. Percy Jackson, The lost Hero, The Kane Chronicles, Holes, Sisters Grimm, The Secret Series,39 Clues… I could go on FOREVER!!!

  3. top1kid11 says:

    isent this a eagle required ?

  4. t-650 says:

    I love read… when I see this merit badge I begin to do it…

  5. some random guy says:

    me and my friend plan 2 d0 this 2gether

  6. manscout says:

    kinda easy i have alot to read for school and i read to my little bros alot

  7. Eagle Seeker says:

    Looks like a cool badge. I love to read, so it looks cool, and seems pretty short in terms of requirements.

  8. King of Garuvia says:

    The Rangers Apprentice is a very good series. I highly reccomend it!

  9. dman says:

    i reading love reading so this is awesome

  10. PikaFan says:

    I’m thinking about starting this merit badge, after I’m done with the Chemistry Merit Badge. Oh, and for the Boy Scouts doing this Merit Badge, I really recommend the book, Eragon.

  11. He Who Seeks Eagle says:

    I love working on this merit badge, plus it is really easy.

  12. sargeant scurvy says:

    requirement 4 looks hard to do

  13. darthjak21 says:

    I never knew that there was a reading merit badge. its awesome, i love to read.

  14. Tenderfoot46 says:

    I like reading.

  15. Hawk91 says:

    I’ve had more fun working on this merit badge then any other

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