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  1. Bad boy says:

    I’m not trying to impress anyone or anything, but I can swim without floaties.

  2. daws811 says:

    humanoidic, u don’t have to swim with fish

  3. Stryker says:

    This is alot easier to complete than hiking of cycling. (for me anyway) I finished this at my local pool with my councilor in about 2 hours.

  4. First Class Scout, River Otter Patrol, Troop 350 says:

    For requirement #4, don’t wear denim long pants because wet denim pants become extremely difficult for a person to stay afloat. A person in denim jeans will sink like an anchor. Wear Boy Scout uniform long pants or a light weight material of long pants. This requirement is quite difficult, but it is a life saving skill for people who enter the water with all of their clothes on and need to swim at least fifty yards to shore. This is a great merit badge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am going to take this one at summer camp this summer

  6. slamalabadman1 says:

    I am taking swim lessons at The Centre in adrian MI. This Might be a very hard one to do though!

  7. humanoidic says:

    i not sure if i want to do this one cause i dont like swimming with fish

  8. Bengal AJ says:

    The PFD requirement is so annoying because we never have one around……………

  9. SAMISBAD says:

    One of the easiest merit badges ever.

  10. first class boy says:

    i have done part of this merit badge already xD

  11. scout says:

    this is a great mb to earn

  12. qwerty says:

    very easy merit badge

  13. woop woop says:

    one of my favorite mbs

  14. ilikepie says:

    i completed this mb in 2 hours with 3 other scouts. it is very easy (if you know how to swim)

  15. scout1139 says:

    is this a fast and easy merit badge?

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