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Automotive Maintenance

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  1. Derf says:

    It would be nice if you reference the merit badge guide so that correct information is available and can be referenced. I would love to assist members of our troop without needing to go to a separate website or store.

  2. gnarsh says:

    this merit badge was really boring

  3. JumboGuy75 says:

    I am always annoying my dad about doing all of this on our 1995 Dodge Intrepid!!

  4. slamalabadman1 says:

    My dad is going to be the counselor for this mb, I love working on cars with him!My Hole troop is doing it and iHope they ejoy it very much!Plus my Fav sportis NASCAR so i will loveit . My dad is a Mechinic at a chevy Dealer

  5. carssays says:

    it isso easy

  6. OA Guy says:

    My Dad is a mechanic and we’ve done some things on this merit badge but he says it’s really in depth. He also says that with all the things you have to learn you could almost go out and be a mechanic.

    I saw in the Boys Life Magazine a picture of a automotive maintenance merit badge where is it?

  7. ScoutDad says:

    The car’s owner’s manual should have a lot of the information for the demonstration items. For the explanation of how the different parts of the car work, you might need another resource. There are some books that will explain how engines work, etc. If you can find a mechanic to come in to your troop, that could be helpful to everyone.

    Hope that helps.

  8. nate says:

    Auto Mechanics are cool.And this great stuff to know.

  9. scoutmomma says:

    How would a typical boy know all this stuff in mechanics and does a certified mechanic have to be a counselor.

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