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  1. First Class Scout, North American Sea Mink Patrol, Troop 715 says:

    This is a really great merit badge. I played the following songs for my merit badge counselor on my campout campfire program harmonica: “America, the Beautiful”,”Scout Vespers (O Tannenbaum)”,” Good Ole’ Rocky Top”, “I Saw the Light (D.C. Burgis)”,” On Top of Old Smokey”,”Home on the Range”,” You’re a Grand Old Flag (George M. Cohan)”,” Yellow Rose of Texas”,” Amazing Grace”,” Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond–American Top 40 Radio song)”,” In the Garden (church hymnal song)”,” Church in the Wildwood (church hymnal song)”,” When the Saints Come Marching In”,”Do Re Mi (from the musical play written by Rogers and Hammerstein entitled, “The Sound of Music”)”,” Edelweiss (from the musical play written by Rogers and Hammerstein entitled, “The Sound of Music”)”,”Coward of the County (Kenny Rogers–American Top 40 Radio song)”,”Brahms Lullaby”,”He Lives (church hymnal song)”,” What Child is This? (Christmas Song)”,” It cam upon a midnight clear (Christmas song)”,” O Come all Ye Faithful (Christmas song)”, “Here comes Peter Cottontail (Easter song)”,”Kum Bah Yah (church hymnal song)”. This is a really great merit badge.

  2. First Class Scout, Pacific Ocean Arctic Seal Patrol, Troop 425 says:

    This is a really great merit badge. For this merit badge, I played the following songs on my harmonica that travels with me on our troop weekend campouts and to summer camp for our campfire programs: “I saw the light (D.C. Burgis)”, “The Yellow Rose of Texas”, “Camptown Races (written by Stephen Foster)”, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, “When You Wish Upon a Star (from the movie entitled, Pinnochio—Walt Disney Company, Incorporated)”, “It came Upon a Midnight Clear (Christmas Song)”, “Silent Night (Christmas song)”, “If (written and performed by the music group Bread and which was on the American Top 40 Radio Song List in 1971)”, “The Bandit (written by Jerry Reed and is from the Movie released in 1977 entitled, “Smokey and the Bandit”)”, “Amazing Grace”, “America, the Beautiful”, “Scout Vespers song (Tune of O Tannenbaum or known as the Christmas song of “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree)”,”God Bless America”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, “Toys R Us Store Company’s advertising department song entitled, “I don’t want to grow up”, “Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner” song (advertisement song for the Oscar Meyer Hotdog and lunchmeat company)”, “On Top of Old Smokey”, “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, “Home on the Range”, “How Great Thou Art”, “Morning Has Broken”, and “Kum Bah Yah (Scout Church Service Vesper Song)”. This is a really great merit badge.

  3. is crazy says:

    i need help w/ the drawing for #2

  4. soccer music man says:

    this is so cool I can easily do this

  5. mkrdiuufiiujg says:


  6. Bass Boy says:

    I love music. this badge seems pretty easy and fun.
    i currently play bass guitar and i love it. everyone
    should play an instrument.

  7. chaos 417 says:

    music is my life im certainly getting this merit badge

  8. zzman says:

    i do music my whole life so i’m geting this merit badge

  9. manscout says:

    easy merit badge

  10. pieman says:

    i’ve played double base for 2 yrs

  11. trumpetdude12 says:

    I really want to do this merit badge! I play trumpet in my school band.

  12. wierdyman says:

    Music is so awesome! I play the bass drum and xylophone in my school band.

  13. baboon555 says:

    definitly want 2 trty this!!

  14. legomyeggo says:

    This is the best merit badge for anyone in their school band to possibly take-maybe the best for Scouts in choir too!

  15. ishmael drum says:

    I absolutely loved taking this Merit Badge, I play the drums in my schools marching band. If love music this is the Merit Badge to take

  16. soccer star says:

    I love music and I would like to try this merit badge. I play trombone in my school band.

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