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Rifle Shooting

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  1. Delta Force says:

    when I was in Afghanistan my M4 never left my side. and yes I shot terrorists.

  2. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    wow almost all of you here are either city kids or completely new to shooting(exept you clint eastwood). I have been shooting a gun since I was 6. and the nearest city is 80 miles away.

  3. drago01 says:

    i might do this one next time i go to summer camp.

  4. says says says:

    i hit the target 2 times!!!

  5. cheap hunter says:

    my dad brought home a .223 mm shell home. it was awesome!!!!

  6. cheap hunter says:

    i wish my mom let me have a rifle… or an M16A2

  7. cheap hunter says:

    can you get a sling shot merit badge?

  8. watup says:

    i sht my frinds deer rifle and got a bulls eye

  9. I says says:

    rifle go BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bookell9 says:

    I have Red rider BB gun,and my uncle has 22 rifle.So, those I can do.

  11. ak47 says:


  12. 22 kid says:

    22 are awesome, I love shooting them.

  13. soldier boy-troop 104 says:

    At camp I loved shooting there .22 rifles; It was awsome.” little secret… I kept some of the shells”.

  14. clint eastwood says:

    I love shooting. The feel of the recoil is a great experience. As a hunter, I now understand how to use my 270 rifle for the Wisconsin 8 day rifle deer season.

  15. trigger happy guy says:

    Actually going out on the range is much more fun than just explaning. It’s also tough to actually get a chance to go shoot some targets.

  16. Top Gun says:

    I love shooting. When it explodes when you shoot it, it’s very awesome!

  17. G-Unit says:

    The best part of this merit badge is the shooting part, (but the rest gets a little annoying)

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