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Space Exploration

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  1. First Class Scout, Frontiersmen Patrol, Troop 350 says:

    This is a great merit badge. For requirement #5a, I learned alot about the Apollo Number 17 Space Exploration which happened in 1972 from an old copy of a newspaper a science magazine. The Apollo Spacecraft Missions were really neat. Apollo Number 17 was the last of the Apollo Spacecraft Missions. Apollo Number 11 was the space exploration which actually put a spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Apollo Spacecraft Number 13 was a complete failure as the Saturn Five Rocket exploded on the launch site and took the lives of every astronaut who was aboard the Spacecraft. One of the Apollo Spacecraft explorations nearly didn’t return to earth by way of a correct angle of entry from space and nearly bounced off of the earth’s atmosphere and nearly traveled into deep unkown regions of space without returning to earth from its space orbit. This is a great merit badge.

  2. pacman says:

    i got this badge

  3. crazywone says:

    i want to do it

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