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Search And Rescue Requires Orienteering, Teamwork Skills

Every year, thousands of people get lost in the great outdoors and are eventually found by a search-and-rescue team.

Those SAR teams aren’t just stumbling around, hoping to find people. They consist of highly trained, specialized personnel.

Troop 777 in Northville, Mich., got a little taste of what it takes to be part of a SAR team at a recent event led by public safety pros. Working towards their Search And Rescue merit badge, the Scouts searched a (pretend) partially collapsed building for survivors, swept a parking lot for a set of lost keys, and used the same kind of equipment used by SAR professionals.

Check it out here.


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  1. Uncatchable says:

    I think this merit badge and the course they made was great. This skill could be use to find something as small as a ring in a field or a needle in a haystack. It could also be used to help rescue people in a fallen building after an earthquake or even a bomb. Way to go on finding something fun, heroic, and useful Troop 777.

    Fellow scout,

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