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Creating An App For Your Eagle Project

Marc Davis, from Troop 204 in Lafayette, Calif., loves to write iPhone apps.

Marc is also a dedicated Boy Scout. Combine the two and you get a unique Eagle project: an app that serves his community.

Marc’s idea, the Lafayette Historical Walking Tour app, is now available from iTunes. Created with the support of the Lafayette Historical Society, Marc came up with the plan when he remembered a guided tour he took when he was in the third grade.

To write the app, Marc and a gang of helpful troop-mates went on an official Lafayette Historical Society walking tour, taking pictures, marking GPS coordinates and verbally recording dialogue for the app. Users can set the app to automatically begin when they approach a historic site.

Read more about Marc’s work here.

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  1. The Nintendo Fan says:

    My type of eagle project!!! Way to go Marc!!!

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