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Camp Scout! Find A Boy Scout Camp Near You

Next time you’re looking for a place to go camping, look no further than your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

All you have to do is provide your device with your current location, and the new Boys’ Life app, Camp Scout!®, will do the rest.

The app lets you filter results based on your favorite activities. Then it provides you with a list of camps, including location, activities, and a link to get more information.

Download the app right here.

camp-scout-21 camp-scout-3

9 Comments on Camp Scout! Find A Boy Scout Camp Near You

  1. So what about android version – once again we are out as everyone caters to apple :(

  2. When will there be an Android version?

  3. What about Android? The leaders that don’t use iDevices are out in the cold.

  4. Where is the Android version?

  5. Is there an android version yet?

  6. The first upgrade should include “high adventure programs” and “first year program” as “activities” that can be searched.

  7. Can you put it on the play store

  8. When will the camp scout be available for android?

  9. I couldn’t find it in the apple store. but it looks awesome im so getting it.

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