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Scouts Save Security Guard After Heart Attack

The Scouts of Troop 901 out of Cypress, Texas, were in the middle of a first-aid training session when they got a big surprise: a security guard in the building they were using suffered a heart attack.

What are the chances? At first, the boys thought it was part of their first-aid training. Then they got a close look at the man and realized his condition was very much real.

The Scouts and their first-aid instructor got the man stable until paramedics arrived. Their efforts played a major role in saving his life.

Read more about this story here.

(The video below contains footage from their first-aid training, not from the actual rescue of the security guard.)


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  1. Nutty says:

    Nice job guys!

  2. hunter says:

    ya,that`s amazing!

  3. Camel says:

    wow good job

  4. Dovefalcan says:

    Good Job!

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