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Eagle Scout’s Act Of Kindness Keeps On Giving

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  1. Scout Dad says:

    What an amazing project having touched thousands (really?!! Thousands!) of US Soldiers lives in the battle zones and on bases all over the world…I truly hope this story inspires more kids to make a difference (even if it’s only 2 boxes sent) please let those Soldiers know they’re not forgotten…

  2. JBT says:

    What a thoughtful young man. Keep up the good work .

  3. coach says:

    Love this kid and his family. Such acts of continued kindness.

  4. MMT says:

    Congratulations on the scholarship! It is so very encouraging to see a thoughtful, kind, young man receive some recognition for doing good things!

  5. MGilman says:

    This young man is an amazing individual who has given so much of his time for others for a great cause. Imagine how much better our society would be if we all volunteered within our communities even a quarter of what Bryce has put into helping others. This guy is a great role model for others, young and old alike. Go Bryce!

  6. Steve F says:

    Outstanding young man. He deseveres so much in return.

  7. H says:

    Such an inspiration to us all!! So proud of our local young man!! Truly going to do bigs things, in the future!!

  8. Tanya says:

    An amazingly thoughtful young man!!

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