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September Boys’ Life Celebrates Dogs In Action

Scouts in Action is one of the most popular sections in Boys’ Life magazine. For our September 2014 special animals issue, we’ve changed things up a bit. Get ready for Dogs in Action.

While a Scout is certainly brave, it turns out some of our most beloved pooches can be pretty heroic, too.

Check out the videos of these dogs in action below, and pick up the September issue of BL to see their Dogs in Action comics.






Comments about “September Boys’ Life Celebrates Dogs In Action”

  1. AWESOME DOGS says:

    THIS is why EVERYONE should have a dog!!!

  2. dog researcher =| Expert says:

    this is rare to find on youtube there is zillions

  3. T-Mac says:

    I think it is brave of all the dogs to help all of their owner’s out of danger.

  4. cooldog123 says:

    i love dogs and those are cool!

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