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A Mountain Biking Option

The Cycling merit badge has always been great for those who enjoy biking long distances on paved roads or sidewalks.

If you prefer to do your biking over rugged, hilly terrain, there’s something in the Cycling badge for you, too.

Updated requirements to the Cycling badge will allow Scouts to choose either road cycling or mountain biking.

The mountain biking option will be included in new pamphlets either later this year or earlier next year. Those who start the merit badge with the current pamphlet can finish with the new requirements once they’re available.

For more on the mountain biking option, check out our sister blog at Scouting magazine.

Comments about “A Mountain Biking Option”

  1. goku and me says:

    what are the requirements?

  2. Scoutmaster 474 says:

    The updated Cycling Merit Badge requirements cannot be published too soon. We are ready and stoked — particularly if there’s a “dirt version” of the high mileage (50) ride in the road version of the merit badge. Our guys have done almost every ride in the MB on dirt, so far. 50 mi is immense on trails, however, leaving us with only road — right now.

  3. cyclerx says:

    C’mon now, let’s have it! My boys are chompin at the bit…

  4. Anonymous says:

    at least in ohio there is alot of trails and 2 freeride parks

  5. Anonymous says:

    to bad they are not making this in Maryland :(

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