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132 Merit Badges

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  1. comics1996 says:

    this man has only goten half of how many merit badges of how many their are.

    • 134 says:

      wearing the sash wrong. Merit badges do not go on the back of the sash, and the sash is meant to rest on the right shoulder only.

    • Merit Badge lover says:

      Next time you put a comment like that online, look up the facts first, 132 is not half the merit badges, it is all, I hope to do the same thing some day

  2. Vat19fan says:

    That is a great acheivement but you still have not earned all the merit badges because they are still making new merit badges like the animation merit badge which hasn’t come out yet

    • joe says:

      Yes he has EARNED ALL the merit badges. “IF” they have not come out with the MB’s (i.e. animation) then it is NOT a MB yet. Animation is only a “concept” at this time. They could revoke it and NOT even offer it. So therefore – he has EARNED THEM ALL – Congrats young man. YOU DID A SUPER JOB !!!

  3. afbrat52 says:

    WOW! That is amazing!

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