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Scouts Are Thrifty

Just because a Scout is thrifty doesn’t mean you never need help monitoring your spending.

Specifically designed for Scouts, the Boy Scouts of America Discover® Prepaid Card is a prepaid, re-loadable card (not a credit card) that is safer and more convenient than carrying cash.

So let’s say you give yourself a budget. Say, $50 per week. You (or a parent) put $50 on the card and you literally can’t go over your budget. Then you replenish it the next week.

Grab a parent and click here for more information.

Comments about “Scouts Are Thrifty”

  1. johnnyBoy says:

    GIVE ME 1!

  2. thetrainkinzbranch says:

    Where can i get one

  3. jojo says:

    where do you get one

  4. joe says:

    instersting i want one

  5. cakes says:

    That was good advice. My family had just talked about it for family home evening. I just finished the personal management meritbadge so I know what you are talking about. That is a good idea. I might try it. Go team go.

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