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Collect Coins, Win A Prize

Working on your Coin Collecting merit badge isn’t only fun, it can earn you a prize.

Heritage Auctions is sponsoring an essay contest open to youth ages 8-18. Write 350-500 words about coin collecting (how you got interested in it, your favorite experience, etc.) and you could win funds to go toward your local coin club membership and many American Numismatic Association-related purchases. (numismatic=the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals.)

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Comments about “Collect Coins, Win A Prize”

  1. lola says:

    i have 3 coins from the 1700’s

  2. dudy says:

    I like coins.

  3. rdog says:

    that is the coolest coin i have ever seen i wish i could have it baddly

  4. scout boy says:

    i want that badge

  5. Parcs says:

    thats a mad coin i want it :D

  6. nizfriz says:

    awesome coin.

  7. papa says:

    thats a cool coin

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