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Eagle Scout Project Idea: A Memorial Garden

In a neighborhood where bad things sometimes happen to good people, Florida Eagle Scout Daniel Bolan has done something good.

Daniel supervised 76 volunteers, raised more than $9,500 and secured $43,000 worth of donations from his community to build a memorial garden dedicated to those who have lost their lives in a particularly rough neighborhood of Orlando, Fla.

For his work, Daniel not only earned the rank of Eagle, he was also named the Orange County, Fla., citizen of the year by Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

Read more about Daniel’s project here.

Click on the 2-minute mark of the video below to hear Mayor Jacobs talk about Daniel’s hard work.


Comments about “Eagle Scout Project Idea: A Memorial Garden”

  1. CKisaboss says:

    such a cool idea. Great to see people do amazing things like this

  2. LifeScout223 says:

    Any other great ideas for one?

  3. LifeScout223 says:

    That’s amazing. I need to do something special like that for my Eagle Project.

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