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He saved his mom after the SUV crash!

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  1. the kid says:

    someone shoud recomend you for the core,you whoud be a big differnce

    • koala bear (koalas aren't bears!) says:

      great job saving your mother! i bet she was blessed that you save her life (:

  2. mr.webelo says:

    wow im just a webelo but id do anything to save my family, i salute you :)

  3. mr.webelo says:

    i am so glad that there is scouts like you ;)

  4. spongehen says:

    great job man

  5. zoing says:

    very good actions travis ;]

  6. boy1278 says:

    What a brave man!!
    You really deserved that eagle Badge

  7. liam says:

    This cool

  8. Calliehondro says:

    You did the right thing. You represented what it means to be a scout and I think you deserved the reward (Patch).

  9. vince says:

    WOW! what a brave kid

  10. s.i.a. lover says:

    If that was me i would chicken out so much. iwonder how damaged the suv was. Im curently a a bear cub.

  11. Magician Mysterious says:

    Travis you are really awesome i am glad you saved your mom you are a cool dude i just don’t know what to say…… GOOD JOB TRAVIS

  12. Gabe says:

    I read what you did and i thought that was really brave of you to save you mom. Great job man!

  13. blaze$$ says:

    man…… that stinks i bet the mom is thankful for her son

  14. SmartyK says:

    You Should earn a First class of Reselence Badge

  15. BL LOVER 416 says:

    I am a girl, but my brother and I can’t seem to stop reading your magazine! I always read the “Scouts in Action,” but I thought this one was so scary!! You were so brave!!!

  16. skotdilind says:

    this person did a good thing

  17. webbsite says:

    first you call 911

  18. big boy says:

    Im only a Wolf cub scout but your braveory was terrific it MUST of been scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. DUDE 1523 says:


  20. Bear000 says:

    Great job!!!

    Me – Yes, he was. =D

  21. c DOG says:

    great job. THank you for doing that

  22. Me says:

    Way to go Travis!! God was truly with you!!

  23. scouter says:

    you are really bave tarvis

  24. Bacon Bits says:

    Hey that was good thinking going out of the back of the car I hope your mom is ok because that must have felt weird going down the hill in the car ROLLING in sure it was scary and im just a Cub Scout i probably would have panicked.

    and in may im going to graduate to Boy Scouts. i’m still a Webelos scout yet. Hope your ok. Have fun as a Eagle Scout.

  25. Anna says:

    I’m a girl, but my friend and I love your magazine! We read the SIA in every issue that we find in our school library. When I saw this issue, I couldn’t belive it! I’d be so scared…

  26. Mr.Cool says:

    thats amazing. i would have freaked out and panicked. Even know my scout leader says never panic. I am currently in weblos. On December 21 i will be a boy scout. Good job Travis!!!

  27. John says:

    WOW! You’re really brave! I don’t think I could even do that!!!!!!!!! I would be tooo scared to leave my mom alone. You’re a great hero!

  28. Thomas says:

    You were great!I can’t even do that.I would be scared.

  29. Jonathan says:

    wow dude i couldnt do that i would get way to scared.i am currently a weblos 2 and im being promoted to boyscouts in january i can’t believe u didnt chicken out i would have probably

  30. christopher says:

    Wow! It must took a lot of bravery to do that!

  31. Rover says:

    Travis! I am proud to have a brother like you in scouting. You are great. Be a scout always. Wanna see you in Rovering.

  32. Nickel says:

    That was one amazing rescue!It’s great we’ve got people in the world like you!

  33. kodak says:

    i just want to say that i always read scouts in action but this one just really got me right in the gut. you were very brave and helpfull. i am curently a first class scout and i am amazed at what you did. i know i would have helped her but i would have been so scared that somthing might have killed her. i also just want to say that if every one were like you i trulely beleive that this country would be a whole lot better. your mom is very lucky to have you as her son.

  34. Gabe says:

    You were very brave.

  35. Nog says:

    Oh my gosh! Is she ok.

  36. Bj65589 says:

    Nice saving your mom Travis

  37. bob says:

    You must really love your mom you saved her even though you were hurt yourself. Good luck with your scouting.

  38. Crash says:

    I bet your mom is thankful.

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