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He saved everyone on the bus!

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  1. rat says:

    this is such a great example. it is amazing how he kept calm.

  2. alagaderethan says:

    holy macerel that was cool

  3. scouter says:

    It was amazing the bus just flipped over but he stayed calm!

  4. awesomedude591 says:

    You can save a life at any age!

  5. bcr says:

    that was cool

  6. PeanutBoy says:

    THIS GUY IS A GREAT influence for young scouts!!!!!!!:)

  7. Chum chum says:

    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. fly guy says:

    you are a brave scout

  9. girl scout caddete says:


  10. boy127 says:

    I feel sorry for the 8 years old kid.

    John Crandel you are a be a hero you dont have to have a fancy cape or a rocket power car a hero is someone who is are a hero!!

  11. DT says:

    dude!your a hero

  12. dj says:

    I read this comic in boys life and he was awsome

  13. Football Man says:

    Great job man!

  14. scout says:

    my comment is. I am a scout and i know if some of the people knew that boy scouts help you in everyday life.John is very brave.

  15. longwindbear says:

    This is a great “Be Prepared” story! John Crandell did everything right, and his actions certainly do reflect credit upon the BSA. Way to go Scout!

  16. Anonymous says:

    i think its an amazing article x x x:D

  17. :) says:


  18. esmetk says:

    I’m so proud of these kinds of people. Just a person who feels like being heroic one day could make a difference to so many people. Way to shine, Scout.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. boy scout 221 park says:

    you were a cool hero dud !!!!

  21. boyscout#52 says:

    What a way to end a school day!

  22. Anonymous says:

    what happen to the 8 year old

  23. ScoutRock says:

    I feel sorry for the 8 year old. You did something amazing and that makes everyone want to do what you did.

  24. jr says:

    nice going and great job.

  25. congratulator says:

    It was wise of him not to panic.

  26. jacob says:

    this boy helped alot of people.he also called for halp.he has dun a good thing.

  27. carebear88 says:

    Amazing! you are so brave to do that!

  28. GirlyGirl says:

    Yea what they said

  29. Tuck says:

    You ROCK! Good job!

  30. WOW says:

    Amazing! You did a job That a full grown grown-up could have done! I guess we see now who’s going to be a GREAT Eagle scout!

  31. no name nobody says:

    A act of true braveness indeed. A very good job.

  32. webbs says:

    i am a boy scout and that is very brave good job

  33. PIKACHU says:

    Thanks if that happens I will take care of everyone.

  34. explorer says:

    that was cool, i keep a rescue pack in my back pack. i keep wating for something like that to happen to me but i alwwas miss it.

  35. boy scout says:

    john crandel you are a be a hero you dont have to have a fancy cape or a rocket power car a hero is someone who is are a hero

  36. nog says:

    I feel sorry for the 8 years old kid. You are a lifesaver!!!! COOL DUDE

  37. Nog says:

    I Feel Sorry for the 8 Yr old. You are so brave !!!!!!

  38. geo5 says:

    That is very amazing!!! Way to go!

  39. Scouter 101 says:

    Its awesome of how he saved many lives!

  40. gagert says:

    i am sorry for that 8 year old

  41. gagert says:

    he was a cool hero.

  42. lando413 says:

    thats amazing what a hero

  43. coanga says:

    thats amazing

  44. bscout2010 says:

    Incredible! That takes real courage. Way to give scouts a good name. :)

  45. Srt8 says:

    He is a real life saver, I remember reading it in the magazine.

  46. alex44590 says:

    Good job!

  47. stardog says:

    VARY AMASING!!!!!!!!!

  48. kickbop268 says:


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