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He saved the man from icy waters!

siapod_0308_200x148.jpgJake Silfies and Matt Mikosky, both 12, were hiking during a winter camping trip on Lake Stillwater, Pa., when Matt’s dad fell through the ice.

Listen as Jake, Matt and Matt’s father describe the rescue in a true story of Scouts in Action.

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10 Comments on He saved the man from icy waters!

  1. He is a cool kid not many kids are brave enough to save lifes

  2. cool, kids like matt and jake are what all boy scouts should be

  3. Awesome…………John and Jake, you should be very proud of each other, as I am of you both !!! You John, for training the scouts so well, and you Jake, for putting into action what you were trained to do. Charles and Matt, to you both, thank God you didn’t lose your cool and remambered all you learned also, because surely that too helped save your lives. Kudos to the whole troop !!!!!!! gram n gramps

  4. kev, thats a great question. ive always wondered about that.

  5. cool matt andjake

  6. Wow incredible! Thats cool. But i hope im never in that situation

  7. Matt was a life saver.

  8. matt is awesome, he is my new boy scout idol

  9. Even if someone makes a rescue and is not a scout, do you still put them in Scouts In Action? Oh and one other thing did you get the peoples permission to put them in S.I.A?

  10. Mattoskater345 // February 25, 2008 at 5:15 pm // Reply

    Matt was very very brave. Im glad that the dad is ok.

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