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He saved the boy from drowning!

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  1. mr.webelo says:

    i want to save someone not for the reword just to help :)

  2. spongehen says:

    thats scary and cool

  3. Football Man says:

    You did a great job Alex! Congragulations on earning the award. I want to do what you did sometime.

  4. BSA says:

    I wonder how John and Junior felt when Alex received the medal. I feel sorry for them!

  5. cooldude says:

    SCOUTS ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  6. brophy says:

    I like scouts.

  7. Dwade says:

    this is the best

  8. Bear 1111 says:

    When can I be in “Scouts in Action”???????????????????????????

  9. skotdilind says:

    i wish i can do that sum time.

  10. IMB says:

    you rock

  11. Meblic says:

    dude, u rock! u actually saved that kid!!!

  12. Tim says:

    I am glad that Alex said to thow the life ring.It was a good thing!

  13. apache says:

    sweat job

  14. BAB says:

    You should be very proud, adults can learn a lot from kids, Your a Hero!! :)

  15. c says:

    that was so cool but scary.anyway good job!

  16. Tuck says:

    Nice going Alex!

  17. nate says:

    How did you do that you where asome

  18. gril says:

    wooooooooow alex cool job

  19. jake says:

    thats AWESOME! U R A good persen

  20. Kyleywilley says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must of been scary!

  21. dragonman says:

    Great job, Alex! :)

  22. Dad says:

    I’m proud of you son, fly on to Eagle !


  23. danny says:

    you are very nice for saving his LIFE!!!!!!!! I am proud of YOU.

  24. cool guy says:

    I could have never done that! cool!

  25. Hillary's mom says:

    I’m sure John and his family will be forever thankful and your family will be forever proud!

  26. robomastercheif2.0 says:


  27. naui12 says:

    good job

  28. MATT123 says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Alex

  29. Yo says:

    I thank God that know one was hurt and that you didn’t panick!

    Good Job

  30. BL Fan! says:

    Nice! :) :) :)

  31. ChristianBoy says:

    Nice job man! you saved a life!

  32. pokemon lover 10 says:

    Great job by pulling John off junior! I see that you fought pretty hard to stay on John! Keep up the good work!

  33. ZOID BURG says:


  34. benjamin says:

    Good work.

  35. ;{ ) its a moustache smiley says:

    AWESOME!! congratulations!

  36. rob bob42296 says:

    i am very impressed Alex! You incouraged me to save anybody when theyre in danger. :-)

  37. y,k hiygtki says:

    super job,you were great!

  38. Weeblos863 says:

    Very Amazing! Alex you did a very good thing.

  39. 53calli says:

    that was nice what they did

  40. Bear000 says:

    *Claps* Great job. Very great job. :D

  41. Jon2208 says:

    Nice Cool allof the Above

  42. bear blood88 says:

    that rockt

  43. the big dawg says:

    i was in a situation like this one time i was at the lake fishing i went to cast my line from the boat towrds an area where there was splashing i thought it was a fish and when my line hit i saw a hand grab for the line so i dashed out of the boat and took him back to shore . i got a life saver badge from my wilderness club im in

  44. Jonamaster says:

    Woah! Great Job David! And when I mean great I mean GREAT!!!

  45. mjb309 says:

    that wus cool

  46. IAMTHATIS says:


  47. tommy says:


  48. Anonymous says:


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