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He saved his friends from the oncoming car!

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  1. mr.webelo says:

    OMG that is crazy and SCARY and i saw it in the magezine

  2. Sam4136 watch says:

    I would of been terrified if that happened! Your brave! I like it!

  3. bczskcnbz says:

    you are very brave

  4. mr.webelo says:

    you are a life saver a few more secends and if you where not there they could of died your a hero!

  5. spongehen says:

    I really want to do something like that!

  6. midgtninja scout says:

    thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. spongehen says:

    OMG u r a lifesaver

  8. e says:

    boy,that was a hard thing to do.but i,m a webelos scout.

  9. scout says:

    I recently got into these podcasts and they’re trully terrifying. Now, I thank God all the time for people like this. Thank you.

  10. M says:

    Trevor is an amazing human being and I am blessed to have him in my life. He could not be a better friend or person and I don’t know anyone who has as much integrity, personality and strong morals then Trevor. He makes the people around him better and I am thankful everyday that I get to say he is my one of my best friends. Love you kid!

  11. spongehenry10 says:

    that must’ve been scary. i feel sorry for you.

  12. scout bear says:

    that is scary

  13. Bradleylampshade says:

    Cool (surprised)

  14. Bradleylampshade says:

    Eagle scouts do their best and they are brave!!! I like it! :)

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