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How to stretch before working out

Stretching is a critical element to working out and getting in shape. Here are a few examples of stretches to get you started.


Hamstrings: Gently pull knee to chest until stretch is felt. Repeat with other knee.

With hands on ankle, pull head toward knee. Repeat with other leg.

Groin: Grasp feet with hands and, bending from hips, gently pull forward until stretch is felt on inside of thighs.

Calf: Keep back leg straight with heel on floor and turned slightly outward; lean into wall until stretch is felt in calf. Repeat with other leg.

Ankle: Rotate ankle clockwise, then counterclockwise, 15 rotations each direction, each ankle.

With back knee facing forward, toes in line with knee, gently press front of back foot and ankle down and toward the floor. Repeat with other leg.

Quadriceps: Pull heel up until stretch is felt on front of thigh. Repeat with other heel.


Rotators: With feet shoulder-width apart and 12 to 24 inches from the wall, turn upper body and try to place hands on wall at shoulder height. Repeat to other side.


Extensors: Bring knee to chest and hold. For more stretch, bring head to knee and hold. Repeat with other knee.

Lumbar Rotators: Keep back flat and feet together, rotate knees and hold. Repeat to other side.


Triceps: Pull elbow behind head with opposite hand. Repeat with other arm.

Biceps: With arms straight and fingers interlaced, raise arms until stretch is felt.

Comments about “How to stretch before working out”

  1. yo mamma says:

    These work very well

  2. bobby da man says:

    make sure to stretch. it hurts if you don’t!!!!!!!!

  3. Scouting 101 says:

    I already have a workout program but needed some stretchs. Thank a lot! :)

  4. obes says:

    nice workout

  5. dewalmcc says:

    Two other really effective stretches are grasping one of your elbows, then pulling it outwards. Also, you can bend over while using both hands and grabbing your ankles while pulling should stretch your back and Achilles’ Tendons.

  6. Bob says:

    Great workout!

  7. Bo Diddy says:

    warm up first

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