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Triceps Extension


A few keys to remember:

· Progress gradually. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Listen to your body. When you need a rest, rest.

· A solid program must train both the upper and lower body.

· Know why you are performing each exercise. Set goals and lift weights because you want to, not because someone wants you to.

· Always breathe during a repetition and go through a full range of motion.

· Always consult with your family doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

Comments about “Triceps Extension”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its easy abd fun

  2. akrillic says:

    this is a really good workout. i found it on a bodybuilding site for teens and tried it out. Works great!

  3. Quesodude says:

    Careful to not bring the weights back to far and hurt something or hit yourself in the head.
    Tip: Weight lifting gloves are good to help you get a good grip on weights that are metal weights without a grip, or to prevent the weights from slipping if your hands get to sweaty.

  4. PTscout says:

    Here is some motivation to not neglect your triceps. Although most people flex their biceps to show off their arms it is actually the triceps that make up most of the arm size. So, for stronger and larger arms exercise both the biceps and triceps.

  5. Muscle Mechanics says:

    I read Aabergs book and it was really helpful, i learned how to excercise properly.

  6. RealGuitarMaster says:

    How fast does this really work?

  7. guitarmasta says:

    doing these standing is easier but has the same effect

  8. anwerer says:

    yes, usually when you lift weights you go through a process of tearing and repairing muscle through the use of proteins (amino acids).

  9. strongguy says:

    your triceps are musles in the back of your arm, the oppisit side of your biceps

  10. stinkbob says:

    what is a tricep mucel?

  11. jd_w98 says:

    the pedro to win a wii is on thi part

  12. BrettFavre says:


  13. kool4 says:

    wow…that is so cool. I can lift 50 lbs.!

  14. dubmac23 says:

    It really works!

  15. c says:

    adri you are so cool

  16. stinkbob says:

    Pretty aesome is that to build mucesses?

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  • Here's a simple dumbbell-based program to get you started.

    Work the first circuit, with one minute rest between exercises. Then rest for a couple minutes -- however long it takes to get your heart back to a normal, resting rhythm -- and complete the second circuit. Start with one set of 10 repetitions each per circuit and gradually improve until you can do three sets of each circuit.

    First circuit:
    Reverse Lunge
    One-Arm Shoulder Press
    One-Arm Lat Row
    One-Leg Calf Extension
    Biceps Flexion (Curl)

    Second circuit:
    Wide Squat
    Chest Press
    Rear Delt Row
    Narrow Squat
    Triceps Extension
    One-Leg Raise
    Trunk Flex

    To make sure you're progressing to your goals, record in a training log the number of sets, repetitions and resistance for each exercise in a training session.

    The log will help you figure out if you're doing the right thing and when you're ready to increase resistance. It'll also help you remember the order of exercises and how to do them.

    >> Download a training log