Be The Boss for the day. Tell Pedro what to do:

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  1. jaimm jammm says:

    tell him to fart. its halarius

  2. king dedede says:

    I told him to take the day off, and he didn’t understand! Poor Pedro.
    P.S. If you tell him to flip, he acts like he threw his back out.

  3. simon says:

    till him to say hello

  4. milkman says:

    he can’t blink

  5. tony hawk fan says:

    you call that dancing!?

  6. 113wyvern says:

    tell him to fly LOL

  7. me says:

    tell him to do boxing or karate. they are different but both funny.

  8. falala says:

    type in (play music)

  9. zonic says:

    tell him to poop or pee. it’s funny

  10. lalalala says:

    tell him to get a life

  11. jay says:

    tell him to kill himself

  12. b man says:

    tell him to die! he does it!

  13. legoking says:

    Type “get your purple sweater on”. ????

  14. dich a long a ding dong says:

    pedro is just flat out lazy

  15. awesome says:

    tell him to do the disco

  16. Pingping1001 says:

    Tell Him To Die!!!!!!! its funny

  17. Pingping1001 says:

    Exactly He Just Makes A Taco!!

  18. Boomer says:

    Say “kick the tent”

  19. LOLguy3 says:

    tell him “I SAID EAT A TACO NOT MAKE ONE!!!!!!!

  20. cooldude says:

    Tell him to arm fart

  21. LOLguy3 says:

    type in fly epicly

  22. cool guy says:

    Tell him to dance.

  23. yeerk slug says:

    Tell him to punch you! XD lolololol

  24. funy man says:

    get a life

  25. Matt727 says:

    Tel him to “eat a taco”! LOL FUNNY XD!

  26. popdude says:

    type in your fired!

  27. vacsoploo says:

    tell him deliver mail in two seconds hallarious

  28. James Bond says:

    Be sick! And, boy, does he sneeze

  29. BeemoDaBoss says:

    Say “guitar.” LOL!

  30. hmm says:

    he will not punch the boss

  31. Awesomeness says:


  32. hommena hommena says:

    nice game

  33. pee wee says:

    type throw up.

  34. jasefrfunyymad says:

    dont tell him to paint his feet

  35. teehee says:

    tell him “bee” lololololol

  36. Matt R. says:

    Tell him to clean his room.

  37. dyl dyl says:

    type in get stung by a hundred bees its funny

  38. JJ says:


  39. the guy guy says:

    Tell him to sneeze (FUNNY!)

  40. supmeandME says:

    TELL HIM TO BE STUPID! it will make u lol!

  41. Underoath says:

    Type in Burn Baby Burn

  42. a random person says:

    type in magazine

  43. lancer98 says:

    tell him to die

  44. minecraftman1234 says:

    type be crazy!

  45. NinjaNaruto says:

    tell him to get scared

  46. bossy man 45 says:

    tell him to be a karate master (it`s funny).

  47. Mezmolover01 says:

    Type in “Do a barrel roll”!

  48. timten says:

    Funny! Type in ‘Boss around Pedro’!

  49. qpalzm195 says:

    tell him to get a life

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