Be The Boss for the day. Tell Pedro what to do:

Comments about “Boss Around Pedro”

  1. Anonymous says:

    tell him to get a life

  2. Anonymous says:

    tell him to fight jiu jitsu

  3. aldjfsal says:

    tell him to spy on his boss

  4. cyj c.f. d th bg says:

    Type, I am d boss

  5. bevrs says:

    tell him to say the pledge of alliegence

  6. cat hater#45 says:

    tell him to stand on his head

  7. cookie says:

    tell him to fly!

  8. ajaj says:

    tell him to jump in some fire

  9. Cat-diva says:

    LOL tell him to pick his nose :D and then type in “poop” if u tell him to do anything starting with “be” he will act like a dog. If u tell him to “act” anything he will pretend he doesnt know how to act stupid. Its also funny when u type “BOSS AROUND PEDRO” in capitols

  10. wormling says:

    tell him to burp, the tell him to barf! LOL

  11. cinnamonbonbon says:

    this is a purdy nice game

  12. wyvernwing says:

    Tell him to fly LOL

  13. lego penguin says:

    tell him to act stuipid

  14. awesomeness says:

    tell him to dance gangnahm style

  15. awesome says:

    tell him to fart

  16. me says:

    tell him to hack a computer

  17. me says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    type dumb

  19. wasup says:


  20. NeRdY says:

    Type in “Boss”

  21. hot boy says:

    type “be a drunk driver”

  22. dgtghty says:

    tell him to pick his nose

  23. sketchstar1234 says:

    tell him to poop!!!!!!

  24. thethingy says:

    say take off your costume

  25. archer23 says:

    type in whittle and he’ll play baseball

  26. pedro is awsome says:

    type in pedro are you disrespecting me because i am you’re boss

  27. rap says:

    tell him to get the mail

  28. pedro says:

    it really works

  29. timten says:

    try ‘ice cream’ ‘milkshake’ and ‘taco’.
    also ‘Boss around Pedro’ (with capital letters on boss and pedro)

  30. JScout says:

    type in “die” and he’ll do something really funny!

  31. pedro2 says:

    tellhim to earn a merit badge!!!!

  32. rooster says:

    tell him hear its hilaurious

  33. TROLLMAN says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  34. chill will5072 says:

    seriosly type beer. he acts like he’s drunk

  35. bemmo763 says:

    They should let him turn into a war machine!?!

  36. treefrog10 says:

    Tell him to act out a play

  37. captin america says:

    tell him to jump in the fire

  38. creeper says:

    be a scout

  39. creeper says:

    say play video games. its weird

  40. pedro says:

    Type in jump, I’ll do it!

  41. bob says:

    tell him to act like harry potter

  42. wings of fire fan says:

    i told him to kick the tent but he slept in it instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. cool man master says:

    type crazy
    best ever!!!!!!

  44. wes says:

    tell him to roll over

  45. lulu says:

    he talks like barney

  46. hoppie123 says:

    tell him to take off his costume

  47. Juice says:

    Type in make a milkshake.

  48. baconboy says:

    Tell him to play paintball.It’s impresive

  49. baconboy says:

    tell him to hide

  50. jaimm jammm says:

    tell him to sleep

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