Be The Boss for the day. Tell Pedro what to do:

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  1. im boss says:

    say fix the mail machine

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not like this

  3. billybobjoe says:

    I told him to fire his lazor and he ate an alfalfa milkshake.

  4. slender says:

    tell him to be the boss heil
    say yes sir

  5. hermit says:

    tell him to act stupid he’ll act dum

  6. thunder guy says:

    tell him to fly

  7. minecraft man says:

    say be a creeper and murder yourself

  8. SMILELY says:


  9. :D says:

    Tell him You are totally kicked out of work!


  10. ninjaman447 says:

    tell him to act crazy

  11. iamchucknorris says:

    tell him “your fired”, he skips around happily. its VERY creepy.

  12. poopingpedro321 says:

    tell him to make a milkshake then die

  13. afan says:

    i said love he acted CRAZY!

  14. bscoutsrock says:

    tell him to make cookies and he’ll put lettuce into a taco /:-(

  15. bloob says:

    if you ask him to play dead he’ll play…… baseball

  16. doble a ron says:

    tell him to fall in the camp fire sorry no comprendo !

  17. random person says:

    tell him to fly, it is histaricaly pathetic

  18. ??? says:

    he should have a purple sweater

  19. Dylan is awesome says:

    Tell him 2 poop

  20. awesome guy says:

    tell him to cry

  21. Andy says:

    tell him to roll his eyes!

  22. zeldman25 says:

    tell him to play a video game LOL

  23. Gamer says:

    Tell him to dance… It’s hilarious!

  24. Gamer says:

    Tell him to die and he will!

  25. Tag says:

    say play tag

  26. minecraft boss says:

    tell him when he is playing minecraft to take a bath in a pool full of lava

  27. Bacon says:

    ask him to fart he will do an arm fart!

  28. LUKE says:

    TELL him to roll

  29. milkbone222 says:

    i typed make boy scout popcorn and he took out a boy scout handbook and read it.

  30. luke says:

    tell him to play basketball

  31. luke says:

    ha ha ha

  32. luke says:

    tell him to tell a joke

  33. me says:

    Tell him to be a mailburro

  34. me says:

    Tell him to eat mail

  35. luke says:

    i told him to be cool and he was awesome

  36. Bob bobberson says:

    Tell him to fly 😐😝😎lol

  37. michal1234564554 says:

    tell him to eat a ham

  38. luke says:

    tell him to be a dog

  39. net says:

    tell him to be a tree

  40. xvr says:

    i said leave and never come back and he came back

  41. Hi says:

    Ask him to moon walk

  42. Baloo says:

    Needs to get a Winnebago? Man, no wonder the Canadians were calling us the “just add water scouts” 15 years ago…

  43. chinchillachinchillin says:

    Tell him to eat a magazine XD

  44. googy says:

    tell him to be Michael Jackson, HE DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!

  45. turtlelover70 says:

    tell him to sing

  46. JO says:

    I said get fired he got a blender with grass in it!

  47. gaga says:

    i told to laugh but he turned into a dog

  48. CubScoutWolf8 says:

    LOVE IT!

  49. gav says:

    ask him to poop heel do it

  50. Anonymous says:

    say sorry no comprendo try again. he will say no no no no no hmth

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