Be The Boss for the day. Tell Pedro what to do:

Comments about “Boss Around Pedro”

  1. 42 says:

    type call your mom

  2. rosalinagirl10 says:

    say hope & he dances

  3. rosalinagirl10 says:

    say read

  4. rosalinagirl10 says:

    type fart HEHEHE

  5. rosalinagirl10 says:

    say do magic and he dissapears

  6. 8/10 says:

    type in run into wall

  7. Blood Legion says:

    Use Kill the Boss

  8. Months Behind says:

    Wonder how many commands u can do

  9. i can fly! says:

    tell him to learn how to fly! :D

  10. random dandom says:

    if you say burp, he eats a taco

  11. :P says:

    This is hilarious.

  12. Dominic says:

    Type “Ordep” OMG!!!

  13. lplman says:

    tell him to die XD

  14. LOL says:

    tell him to “save me”

  15. da says:

    tell him to “play hide and seek”

  16. SmellyBelly says:

    Lol, tell him to kill the boss…very unexpected O-O

  17. MEH says:

    tell him to “pick your eyes”

  18. SmellyBelly says:

    LOL tell him to pick his nose…hahahhaha!!!!! XD

  19. LittleSmellychicken!!! says:

    Type “Chuck Norris” lol D:

  20. rockstar says:

    tell him eat fire it is hilarious

  21. TrueMU says:

    type “hike”

  22. (o_o) says:

    tell him to sacrifice a kitten to the dark lord

  23. awesome luke :( says:

    tell him to play

  24. Captain Weedwacker says:

    tell him to go crazy. It’s hilarious!

  25. Luke says:

    tell him to be a tree ps he will be a tree tell him to tell a joke [he does] I like this game
    you can make him do basketball

  26. Ahavroomvrooom says:

    tell him to do email

  27. Ahavroomvrooom says:

    tell him to get the mail

  28. Rockwolfscout says:

    tell him to dance :D

  29. Rockwolfscout says:

    Tell him take off that silly costume

  30. zombie nerd says:

    type sleep

  31. but says:

    tell him to die

  32. francis says:

    type “robot”

  33. PvZ Master says:

    Type “Burn”

  34. Anonymous says:

    Type Do Magic (Wow who knew he could do that :)

  35. Dabossofpedro says:

    type i want ice cream :) its green and yummy :)

  36. Dabossofpedro says:

    u can also type in balance (he hurts his knee) ;(

  37. Dabossofpedro says:

    type in karate its ok :)

  38. TusKiller75 says:

    Say hide. BOSS ALERT!

  39. TusKiller75 says:

    Tell him to hide! LOL:D

  40. coolboy3 says:

    REALLY cool!

  41. Notch says:

    Say “Fly” XD

  42. shadow says:

    tell him to eat

  43. Blah blah blah says:

    Say computer.
    He’ll get out a computer.LOL^_^

  44. Banana says:

    I asked if i could have ice cream, and he froze. I’m sorry Pedro!

  45. sugar buzz!!!!! says:

    funny,really really funny

  46. beezer says:

    I think it should be cartoon pedro.

  47. killer says:

    hilarious and fun

  48. Master Cobra says:

    the weirdest game ever

  49. bounge says:

    tell him to burn him self

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