Be The Boss for the day. Tell Pedro what to do:

Comments about “Boss Around Pedro”

  1. Bob :) says:

    Wait… Say die, pedro!

  2. Bob :) says:

    If you say pass out he whittles!

  3. speedy says:

    tell him to make a camp fire and he daces around it

  4. Aston 177 says:

    type ‘flappy bird’

  5. cool guy says:

    tell him to fly. IT’S SO GOOFY!

  6. Quiz-wizz says:

    Tell him to “Play Ping-Pong” and he’ll play baseball!

  7. Quiz-wizz says:

    tell him to “tell a joke” and he’ll make a farting sound with his armpit

  8. Quiz-wizz says:

    tell him to eat herbal ice cream & he’ll eat alfafa ice cream.

  9. cool guy says:

    type pass out and he will shame you

  10. HikingBrainiack says:

    tell him to play minecraft

  11. bizzaro says:

    tell him to be a scout.He might be an eagle scout

  12. boy's life 116 says:

    say eat a bug and he will eat a taco!

  13. cool guy says:

    type ordep and he will turn his head around!

  14. bob says:

    tell him to die

  15. reccosrx says:

    I know I’ve said to type a lot of things but you HAVE to type “die” and “pass out”

  16. pedro says:

    tell me what to do and I will do it

  17. ha says:

    tell him to dance

  18. robovo says:

    type peewee and he acts like a dog! So weird

  19. gracie doodle says:

    Say cook, and he will make a taco!

  20. king dedede says:

    I told him to take the day off, and he didn’t understand! How sad…

  21. Shinbone33 says:

    Say act stupid! HAHAHA!

  22. that guy says:

    tell him to pick his nose

  23. chicken344 says:

    Tell him to eat ice cream

  24. bull Lucas says:

    type ordep and he will twist his head

  25. Anonymous says:

    tell him to fall of a cliff

  26. little turtleman says:

    This is so awsome tell him to play foot ball, base ball, and basket ball.

  27. dummy says says:

    awsome im glad they made this

  28. eqwfsgt5dgn says:

    tell him to fly

  29. waddles says:

    type fall asleep!! ZZZZZZZZZZZ

  30. Werewolf says:

    how do you make him twist his head around owooo!

  31. Blobfish says:

    Tell him to play minecaft

  32. bull Luke says:

    Type be cool! he will

  33. sup dog says:

    play dumb lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  34. minionlove says:

    type”eat a taco”& he eats one!

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