‘Happy Birthday, BSA’ Photo Contest Winners

Last year, BL invited its readers to send in photos for the “Happy Birthday, BSA” photo contest. Take a look at the winners in these slideshows, or click here to take a look at all of the entries.

Contest Winners, 6 to 11 years old

Contest Winners, 12 to 17 years old

Congrats to all of our winners, who really showed what the Five Pillars of Scouting can look like. Thanks, guys!

>> Click here to see all of the entries

Comments about “‘Happy Birthday, BSA’ Photo Contest Winners”

  1. coolest scout says:

    I can’t believe how nice scouts are at photographing!

  2. bob says:

    tooo cool

  3. ihardhead says:

    I only have two but I think there the best on the planet.

  4. Alex m. says:

    im the boy who won second place in the 6 to eleven year old group. i was so sure i was going to win the camera in first place. but the ipod is good to. its got a camera in it to, so its cool.

  5. dak says:

    good photography i have to admidt

  6. fatboy. says:

    I like Boys,Life.

  7. 165 popcorn kernel says:

    I loved them all, it must have been so hard to choose the winners. We defiantly have some great photographers in the scouts.

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