The 16 Worst Cars in History

1975 AMC Pacer

1975 AMC Pacer

Billed as “the first wide small car,” the Pacer’s width couldn’t fix its gruesome ugliness. Designer Richard A. Teague based the Pacer’s shape on how a football looked as it sliced through the air, but it reminded the public of other things. Unkind nicknames included Hamster-Mobile, Moonbuggy, Bubble Car and Egg on Wheels. After six years, the Pacer disappeared from AMC’s lineup.

Comments about “1975 AMC Pacer”

  1. the blob says:

    weird color

  2. silvereagle45 says:

    I know another for this car (fish bowl).

  3. Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 says:

    Watch the commercial for this. It’s one of the worst commercials ever.

  4. john101 says:

    the first time i saw a pacer was on pimp my ride, and they made it look alot better

  5. 71 nova says:

    out of all the pics this is the worst

  6. Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 says:

    My dad knew someone who had this and that it was junk. Also, Acer, from Cars 2, who a lemon, was a Pacer.

  7. mario 64 says:


  8. dupadwar1 says:

    me dad had one

  9. jrod says:

    they have a hole bunch of them in cars 2

  10. hippiescout151 says:

    my dad has one :p

  11. fargus says:

    Hey, these were great little cars. Unusual, but not “bad”. I have fond memories of being squeezed into one to get a ride home from track practice every week… with five cheerleaders.

  12. Pacerlove says:

    That is one sweet car~wish they were still around!

  13. Aidan says:

    That is a super sweet car~wish they were still around!

  14. bboy says:

    the perfect car for hefty people!

  15. legolandlover56 says:

    well if a 9`8 person went into that car they would be very uncomfterbel

  16. the scout says:

    It looks like a pinto!

  17. trent991 says:


  18. trainman77 says:

    egg on whells

  19. Higuy19 says:

    That commecial was CREEPY.

  20. supercar says:

    little big car

  21. Hman says:

    I think it looks kind of cool.

  22. Cubmaster says:

    Stick Wayne and Garth in it, and it’s EXCELLENT…way…no way…way…no way. :-)

  23. kyletheterrorizer says:

    I’s certainly not shaped like a football. (No offense, Mr. Teague)

  24. Beatlesfan says:

    And that commecial didn’t help.

  25. The Man with the Banjo says:

    hamster Mobile

  26. cheezesneeze says:


  27. ???? says:

    need a barf bag

    • i am the only burrito says:

      it looks great your just used to modern cars same for you leapord16

      • Anonymous says:

        I am the only burrito, what don’t you under stand about the word “lemon”. It means that car is a peice of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. leopard16 says:


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