The 16 Worst Cars in History

1981 De Lorean DMC-12

1981 De Lorean DMC-12

A stainless-steel body, gull-wing doors and rear-engine make the De Lorean easy to recognize. But high prices, quality-control issues and a severe lack of power made this sports car a flop with drivers. If not for a cameo as a time machine on wheels in the movie “Back to the Future,” the De Lorean would be long forgotten.

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  1. nbz066 says:

    They’re starting to make these things in Houston again. They also have a Lego set.

  2. Construct Maste says:

    I can just imagine a custom version of this with paint, spoiler, the works. that would be officially awesome.

  3. Beatlesfan says:

    Imagine opening the door with someone standing next to you!

  4. gadams99 says:

    why is it one of the worst cars? I would want a car that time travels!

    Reply: ಠ_ಠ are you serious?

  5. supercar says:

    dose not belong on this list

  6. EdselDude727 says:


  7. john101 says:

    forgetting the engine and everything, the stainless steel body was the only problem. i mean if it gets a couple scratches and a little dirt, it’s really noticeable. but i don’t mean to dis on the car. i love it

  8. 71 nova says:

    stainless beauty

  9. o says:

    It’s from Back to the Future

  10. speeddemon111 says:

    That is one cool automobile!

  11. mario 64 says:

    luuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv it!

  12. The Tall Boy Scout says:

    For that to have butterfly doors, that is pretty cool.

  13. dupadwar1 says:

    no comment

  14. Ace says:

    ya Know, in 35 years it will be an expensive collectors car!

  15. trainman44 says:

    i saw 2 of those in movies back to the futre and merry cristmas drake + josh [crazy steve had 1]

  16. lightscout says:

    Nice flapping doors, but all the crashes…

  17. DMC Lover says:

    i love the car the movie everything i don’t care how much i want one

  18. Midland says:

    Hey “bboy”, they still make them in Houston, TX. You can buy a used one for $20,000-$30,000. But a brand new one would cost around $40,000. Y’all start savin’ up your pennies!

  19. purduecrazy99 says:

    I’m really surprised by that! I love that car!

  20. K says:

    It may not have been a good car in real life, but Marty sure could make that thing fly!!!

  21. hippiescout151 says:

    go marty go

  22. TYREKE EVANS FAN says:

    i luv that car

  23. bboy says:

    that car is just plain awesome.hands down, if it was still made I would buy it in a flash

  24. Boyslife Fan says:

    The De Lorean is on of the coolest cars ever! Someday I am going to owen one!

  25. the scout says:

    It was an awesome car and deservs to stil be made.

  26. supercar says:

    that looks like the time machine from “back to the future”!

  27. trainman44 says:

    what a ugly and poor car

  28. The Appropriater says:

    Is that a reference to Drake & Josh?

  29. puppy says:

    its a lambo for amareca

  30. Fliboys.RBX says:

    This is Ordeps Car.

  31. alex says:

    I’ve seen two De Lorean’s in person (both replicas of the Back to the Future car) near my house in Burbank. They’re actually way cooler in person and when they’re fitted with all the accessories from the movie.

  32. kyletheterrorizer says:

    Looks like the car from Back To The Future.

  33. Guitar Guy From Outer Space says:

    I don’t care if it was a Stainless Steel deathtrap, I want one!
    All you gotta do is hit 88 miles an hour!

  34. Beatlesfan says:

    Not to mention what happens when u park next 2 another car and open one of those doors.

  35. jonbuddy1 says:

    You people are haters. Even though this thing can’t be parked next to any car, it still is pretty awesome!

  36. cheezesneeze says:

    cool car but it had problems

  37. guy says:

    looks old

  38. ???? says:

    piece of junk! just buy a Lamborghini with the same raising doors but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more cooler

  39. 67sniper says:

    there is a company that makes new ones from spare parts

  40. Gears says:


  41. leopard16 says:

    this is so ugly!

  42. Chum says:

    Why is this on the worst cars list?

  43. fishy266 says:

    AWESOME CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!But why did they stop making it?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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