The 16 Worst Cars in History

1998 Fiat Multipla

1998 Fiat Multipla

Ugly has a name, and it’s the Fiat Multipla. A second set of headlamps, oversized windows and squatty body made the Multipla look like a misshapen alien spacecraft. Fiat redesigned the Multipla in 2004.

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  1. the situation says:

    I think its pretty cool looking I’d drive one

  2. DJ Coleslaw says:

    What FIAT stands for- Fix It Again Tony

  3. supercar says:

    did fiat lose a bet or somthing?

  4. gdrgdfhdf says:

    this is a disgrace to cars. it is ugly.

  5. john101 says:

    i don’t get it. is it suppose to be an optical illusion or something?

  6. weird'o 101 says:

    do i hear one dollar one dollar….. please. i guess its to ugly for a dollar,do i hear 1 cent one penny….still to ugly! lol[it does look kind of cool though]

  7. 71 nova says:

    i agree too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. mario 64 says:

    i agree

  9. ttt says:

    looks like a hippo

  10. blt23 says:

    Boop*Beep*Boop Take me to your dealer!

  11. i am the only burrito says:

    it looks like a cross from a transformer, a space craft and a car

  12. Scout Dad says:

    I think it looks a lot like a Ford Connect

  13. jetcar says:


  14. DMC Lover says:

    the most UGLIEST car i ever seen or mabey i say that because i like deloreans

  15. hippiescout151 says:


  16. mars132 says:


  17. mars132 says:


  18. ooo says:

    I’m Glad it was redesigned!!

  19. Higuy19 says:

    There should be an alien in there.

  20. elvis says:

    saw 2004 one looks uglier than this

  21. simswim99 says:

    Looks weird but kind of futeristic. gotta addmitt, kinda cool

  22. supercar says:

    it looks like the oucto auto and the yogo had a baby!

  23. The Appropriater says:

    What is with all these people saying exactly the same thing?!

  24. Mark says:

    I had one of these for a year in the Netherlands, was the best car! Great dashboard…lots of fun to drive fit six people comfortably 3 x 3.

  25. kyletheterrorizer says:

    I like the look of this car.

  26. cheezesneeze says:


  27. Mr. johns says:

    What were the 2nd headlights for? To make sure you could see hood?

  28. Jdodge says:

    Who would drive that thing??

  29. ???? says:

    one of the ugliest cars built

  30. Gears says:

    that car autually looks cool bsl you mad a error!

  31. leopard16 says:

    I guess ugly seriously does have a name, The Fiat Multipla.

  32. leopard16 says:

    That car looks like concept car.

  33. ready scout says says:

    cool but to ugly

  34. lizardman says:

    And yet the Cube and the Scion still did well.

  35. nascarfrk says:

    That car looks like a concept car.

  36. Tom says:

    That car looks like a concept car.

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