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1933 Fuller Dymaxion

1933 Fuller Dymaxion

The three-wheeled Dymaxion enjoyed brief fame in the early 1930’s. Celebrities and journalists loved the new pod car, which used a periscope instead of a rearview mirror. But then the Dymaxion turned over and crashed during a test drive, killing one and injuring two. The investors disappeared, and only three Dymaxions were ever made.

Comments about “1933 Fuller Dymaxion”

  1. Beatlesfan says:

    Looks like one of those silver bullet mobile homes.

  2. supercar says:

    where is the gun to go with it because that is a bullet

  3. Pedro 27 says:

    What the heck is this!? A submarine!?

  4. john101 says:

    i love werid, stupid, and crappy cars of all types. i love this though because it’s completely different

  5. weird'o 101 says:

    that looks allot like a airstream trailer just painted. it would be cool though if it was safer. if i had one i would probably sell it for a few million

  6. 71 nova says:

    cool but heavy

  7. GHOSTBUSTER says:

    looks like a bomb

  8. mario 64 says:

    reminds me of a submarine!

  9. Bacon says:

    It looks like a trolley train

  10. escher24 says:

    Dymaxion must translate to “Giant Green Tylenol”

  11. ford 291 says:


  12. Awesomator says:

    The 1933 Fuller Dymaxion acually looks so cool, it looks like it could be from…..THE FUTURE!!!!! Yet, what made it crash? The weight? Who knows? Please answer.

    • Car Geek says:

      Since there’s only 3 wheels, it probably tipped because it was top heavy, front heavy, and because of a lack of traction.

  13. lightscout says:

    Rare, so it would be worth a lot of money. On the other hand, the weight most likely helped the the CRASH!

  14. Higuy19 says:

    Wait.. this thing was from the 1930’s?????????? :O

  15. Skinny Willy says:

    It looks more like a trailer than a car

  16. antieye555 says:

    That car is awesome but they should have had 4 wheels and add more safety features then i would buy it

  17. sd333 says:

    they…they…they actually liked it… but three wheels? really?

  18. deathride207 says:

    this three wheeled car looks stupid iv’e seen WAY better

  19. boney10 says:

    That looks like a war train.

  20. the scout says:

    If it had more safty fetures it would be awesome!

  21. Anonymous says:

    three three wheeled cars

  22. simswim99 says:

    would actually be kind of cool if you add on some safety features and made it a little more like today’s cars do

  23. supercar says:

    not good as a bus not good as a car but good for nothing!

  24. Fliboys.RBX says:

    Totally awesome.

    True Design has been lost, these days.

  25. alex says:

    i bet you that at least SOMEONE thought it was a camper

  26. kyletheterrorizer says:

    Reminds me of an airplane.

  27. Beatlesfan says:

    Thats a car, right? not a submarine?

  28. snake says:

    Add some safety features and this car could be awesome.

  29. Noparticularscouter says:

    Talk about a car that looks like it came out of a giant pill bottle.

  30. Higuy19 says:

    @an awesome guy Someone would have to be REAL dumb to do that.

  31. an awesome guy says:

    someone would probably make the mistake of thinking this thing is some sort of green hotdog

  32. ???? says:

    they should name it Fuller Dymansion

  33. leopard16 says:

    i think it looks freaky & stupid. i cant believe any one would want this thing.

  34. I dont know says:

    That is awesome, I wish I could ride that

  35. ready scout says says:

    ugly!!!! scream

  36. carmaniac says:

    Not to fancy. I bet this company made millions off of it. And I was being sarcastic when I said “millions.”

  37. funnyscout says:


  38. TDUB says:

    it looks like the car of the future

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